A Bit of Saigon

Brand new! And Delicious! That’s what A Bit of Saigon is. Vietnamese cuisine – simple yet sophisticated. Today is the Grand Opening but we were invited to a soft opening last night. It is owned by 2 brothers and a son. They served a Beef Pho Dish that was sensational. I have never had pho before but have been interested in trying it. Image The broth is made from scratch and cooked for a couple of days with bones for richness. The beef was a variety of very tender sliced beef and meatballs. There was star of anise and a touch of cinnamon which gave it a very exotic flavor. Image The son makes homemade sodas including a ginger soda and pineapple soda (pictured here) He honed his soda making skills as a bartender and I had never had anything like it. It was tasty without being overly sweet. Lucky for me, this place is located in the same building I work at. I hope you can come and enjoy A Bit of Saigon soon! A Bit of Saigon 904-379-5752 3503 S. Kernan Blvd Suite 6 Jacksonville Fl 32224

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