First Watch Cafe

A new place at Beach and Hodges is getting ready to open. It’s called First Watch and we had the priveledge of dining there today for a run through before they open. Image

They came by the salon Saturday and gave Suzy an invitation. Since she and Shawn were going out of town, she gave it to me.  Floyd, Avery, and I went after church today.


Avery ordered the bacon and onion hash skillet. It came with 2 eggs on top and a side of fresh fruit. The potatoes had onion and bacon cooked into them nice and crispy.Image

Floyd ordered a cajun chicken omelet filled with chicken, onions, and monterey jack cheese. Image

I ordered the waffle and egg combo. 2 eggs any way with a waffle or multigrain pancake. I chose the waffle. It was light and fluffy, not dry at all. I chose to have maple syrup instead of regular syrup. I also got a meat choice, thick sliced bacon, turkey sausage, or link sausage. I chose bacon.

Overall, it was great food and great atmosphere. Can’t wait to go again when they open!
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