Aroma Corner New Beach Blvd location


Aroma Corner has a new location. It’s located on Beach Blvd just east of 9A. I went in there last Tuesday for a quick visit on my way to work.  I have been waiting for this to open ever since they put up their Boba Tea sign awhile back. The store is super clean and inviting. Nice colors, with the menu nice and big on the wall. It takes you through all the steps to ordering if you are new to the Boba trend.


Caramel milk boba tea was the drink I ordered. I had not had a milk tea before. It was good and creamy. The boba’s were sweet and chewy.


The cream puff was delightful. Not too sweet and filled extra full. The pastry was not greasy as some are, especially those frozen ones…


I plan on visiting here more often since it’s on my way to work. There are many different types of teas and coffees to try.

Aroma Corner on Urbanspoon


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