Dinner celebration at Nippers Grille

Floyd and I practically share a birthday. Mine is June 2 and his is June 3. After working a long day Saturday, we went to Nippers Grille with my bff Ruth and her hubs and our son Alex. The good definitely outweighed the bad. When we arrived around 7pm there was no parking very close. Little did we know that there was complimentary valet parking. We were told the wait would be 30 minutes but it took close to an hour. There was a huge fundraiser happening outside for breast cancer and crohns where David Gerrard was hosting. Once we got our table we had plenty of room; only downfall there was the table was walled in on 3 sides like a cubby and it was very hot. The doors were opening constantly.

We decided to each order a different item so we could try a variety of menu items. I ordered the crab mac n cheese. There was plenty of crab on top but the actual mac n cheese was nothing special, I was a tad disappointed. The sauce was too thick and a bit dry and just didn’t taste very cheesy.


My husband had the fried fish and chips. The flavor of the fish was good but was soggy with grease so he sent it back. He decided not to order anything else but he enjoyed trying our dishes.Image

That’s it for the disappointing food, the other 3 dishes were outstanding! My friend Ruth had the Shrimp and Grits, by far the best dish of the night. Lots of shrimp on top of creamy grits with a nice sauce around it. I may order this next time I go.


Her husband Chet had a Cod Fish Sandwich. He ordered it “dirty” which meant it came with extras on it. The best part was the collard greens they put on the sandwich. The collards tasted like mine, very flavorful and tender. The blackened fish was very flavorful. His fries came with a dipping sauce that was out of the world! He likes all thing spicy and this sauce did not disappoint.


My son, Alex, chose the wings. Let’s just say it was disappointing that we all couldn’t have had a dozen of those fabulous gems! Saucy and spicy!! Yum


After dinner, we strolled outside by the marina and found a table. There was a live band, which we later found out there is a live band every night of the week. So says the workers there. When we were leaving a guy pops up from a table and asks how things were tonight and introduces himself as the manager. He hands up his card while we tell him the great and not so great parts of our meal. He told us to call him when we are returning and he will make sure our next experience is fantastic.
Nipper's Beach Grille on Urbanspoon
I will definitely be back! The prices range from the about $15 – $27 with the majority around $17-$22.


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